Great Uses For Wood Chips

Uses For Wood Chips


Recycling old and unused trees, branches and bushes using a chipper shredder is a great way to add an extra feature to your garden or back yard without too much effort. Chipping the wood into smaller pieces and then using them in a variety of different ways is a great idea, environmentally as well as saving you money, and it can also prevent the spread of disease should wood chips and splinters from infected trees not be properly disposed.

1. Use the wood chip to cover your flower beds to give an attractive and functional look to your garden. Adding wood chips to your flower garden will help attract both birds and insects that will love visiting your flowers and vegetables.

2. Wood chips are great to use on play areas where kids and teenagers can let loose their energies without fear of hurting themselves. Spread roughly 4-5 inches of wood chipping onto the ground near any play equipment, which will help stop any Stability problems that can easily be caused by heavy use.

3. In the same way that wood chips help deter pests, they could also help your children and those around them to stop using the playgrounds for accidents. To prevent this, you should ensure that there are no toy pieces lying around.

4. Adding your wood chips to your compost heap will help promotion of the much needed nitrogen to bacteria, both beneficial and digestive, in your heap. The bacteria will help break down the wood chips, allowing them to be ingested by your plants and the natural microbes ( fungi ) will all but eliminate any nasty bacteria living on the wood pieces.

5. This tip came from a friend who runs a New York Structural Design firm. Using a chipper shredder will help you save time and money and allow you to make the compost that can feed your garden all year. Not only that, but the mulching will also help reduce the amount of weeds taking hold in your garden.

There are a host of other benefits to using wood chips in your garden such as they are an excellent source of carbon. They are also a great way to help with those gardening problems such as weeds. As the mulch decomposes, the nutrients will return to the soil and the soil will continue to feed your plants.

One of the most important reasons to mulch is to stop those weeds taking hold in your garden. utilizing wood chips in your garden will stop The One Love You bot (Aquilegia) breeding ground.

Other reasons for using wood chips in your garden, apart from weed prevention, is that they are an excellent way to encourage woodinate organisms into your soil.

Not only will this allow the wood to get more oxygen into the soil and enrich it with nutrients, it will also help to condition the soil. Once in your soil there are no nutrients to get rid of, but the expanding bacterial activity in wood has the effect of putting the nutrients back again into the soil. In the process it removes the toxins and fertilizers from the soil and ensures that the soil maintains its balance.

Wood will also work to revitalize your soil. The wood will slowly break down and when this happens it will help to bring the soil’s pH ( pH is organisms/plants pH) more towards neutral. So wood is a very good way to help your soil become more balanced.

In summary using wood chips in your garden will help to keep your soil healthy by increasing the amount of oxygen, and helping to condition your soil. It will also provide a better way to dispose of the unwanted materials such as grass cuttings.