Why Use an LED Grow Light

Why Use an LED Grow Light


For those who wish to make professional applications in the commercial plantations, cultivation, or horticulture, the LED grow light is the perfect solution. It is manufactured in a wide variety of colors, which makes it ideal for professional as well as homemade uses in planting.

The LED light may be used with the following colors: blue, short red, and far-red. It provides the essential wavelength for the plants and that gives the stimulated light needed by the plants to maximize its growth and force.

Depending on the requirement the plant or field can be divided into high, medium and low light orchids. The five centimeters or more of light is usually of high light. Plants or small plants like cattleyas and oncidiums need at least this amount of light.

The LED grow light uses less electric power as expected given the fact that about 90 percent of the electrical energy is consumed by the heat and the light itself.

There are no considerations with respect to the light source as long as they provide the desired light. The light or the lack of light is not a problem if the lamps are placed to face evenly and not to create lateral and equal indications as is the same with an online vehicle appraisal.

If there are innovations available today that can enhance the light or the user feel comfortable with the remote control mechanism of the light, these will provide a wide range of benefits to users.

coastline-style lighting designs

Cloudlite – Cloudlite is a low-intensity lights designed to simulate the Himalayan mountains including the blooming flowers of the bamboo orchid.

Classic Light – Classic Thor is a traditional heavy duty fixture, often mentioned in the term ‘heavy duty’. It may be used as a primary light source for the orchid grower to provide specific species of orchid such as mottled leaf slipper orchids. Additionally it can be used as a primary light source to provide warmth and light in a wide range of the light spectrum from the blue to the red end of the light spectrum.

Deep Blue – Deep Blue is a new and stylish LED fixture incorporating LEDs in the coloring of the lighting fixture. It has a special designed fixture bulb providing the blue end of the spectrum and is typically used as a primary light source for orchids.

rotated colours – rotate the entire lighting fixture and are suitable for use as a primary light source. They are excellent for use in the commercial orchid cultivation field.

Interesting Facts about LED Grow Lights

• If the preferred type of light is a blue type, then the LED grow light will work but it will take a bit of trial and error for the user to determine the best balance between the blue and red lights.• If you want to ensure that you are using the correct type for orchid growing, you should measure the light intensity using a light meter.• You should also consider the distance of the light from the target as this also affects the amount of energy that goes into the lighting.

• Let’s look at the efficiency of the LED grow lights. It is quite efficient and considering that you are going to use this artificial light for the orchids, you can get a high level of efficiency.• The duration of the lights useable for orchid growing are usually 18 to 36 months. This is in accordance with the average cycle of the plants.• These types of orchids grow well even without soil. Often in the growth media was applied gravel. In addition, this media was capable of holding enough water which is essential for orchids.• In contrast to the conventional planters, the component of the LED grow light is copper. It is designed to promote the growth of the roots along with the leaves.• The overall ease of use, constructed Quality and aesthetic appeal are comparable between the conventional planters and LED grow lights.

Advantages of Using the Right Type of Grow Light

• More eco-Friendly – Every year more and more people are discovering that the use of theescent grow lights is just as great a hobby as the conventional ones. The primary reason for the rise in popularity is the several advantages that fluorescent grow lights offer. Today’s indoor orchid hobbyists can enjoy a number of benefits which are instrumental in their ability to produce beautiful flowers and which assure them of continuous vegetation.

The Hybrid Factors – Do you use only mop heads or spider orchids? Would you like to produce both? Are you the kind of person who seems to have an uncontrollable urge to mix two different types of plants? If you are one of those people, the answer is yes to all those questions. However, the question that seems to be on everyone’s lips these days is ” what is the best bulb for orchids?” and the answer is “the hybrid grow lights”.