Getting Into Flower Gardening

garden of flowers


You like flowers, you love flowers, you cherish flowers. You imagine a bunch of bright colored blooms rising up out of the green foliage, enjoying life, enjoying the sun, enjoying the dew in the morning, having all the temptations that you like; flowers you could not possibly have but you love the most. Then you get a package on Christmas morning, your birthday, my birthday, Christmas, etc. You put the flowers inside the box, label it and put it in the recycling bin. The next day you get a start on your recycling and put the flowers in the vase, put a bow on top of the box and tape it shut and then watch as the beautiful flowers stay beautiful for 40th anniversary. Flowers are still a great way to express something sweet for your loved ones.


When you are feeling tired and exhausted . You can send flowers that are freshly bloomed and don’t cost a dime. The fresh flowers will truly make your tired body feel better.


Again you put your flowers in the box, mix a few flowers together and put them in the vase. Anybody can tell you that fresh flowers smell better than others, so if you want to enjoy the fragrance of fresh flowers next time you get flowers send them as a special gift.


You can be packing for a special someone pretty boy/ girl , just by extending a card and putting a note on it. When they open it, they get reminded of you. You can be sure that the recipient of this gift loves it.

Tulips, the new fashion

Tulips are beautiful and elegant flowers and they symbolize fame, charity and a forwardness for the new era. Tulips are now the fashion item and are found in any bunch, arrangement, even in the form of a flower arrangement. They come in a wide variety of colors so you can be sure that you are purchasing a piece of art.

The best tulips to give are ones that are double as a corsage piece as you can tie a beautiful bow onto it and it still looks beautiful. Decide where you want it to be placed and keep in mind the color(s) because you will want it to be visible. It can be a great way to put a cap on a flower. It literally works on a cap. If you have the space, you can put a single color of tulips in a simple vase or a intricate work of floral art for your loved one.

You will want to send the larger flowers first, even if they are tulips. Tulips are much larger than a single, so the smaller ones will seem much larger in his/her eyes and have the double meaning. Also, if you send a bunch of little flowers, they will seem more mature and resistant to damages. capped off with a colorful card of the higher variety of tulips.

Formal Gardens

Formal gardens are playful and think of themselves as owned by the Royalty. They have many statues, exotic plants, and highly detailed hedges.

Traditionally, formal gardens are planted with hedges. They are even referred to as parterre gardens. This refers to the fact that the garden is enclosed by a hedges are generally written with paths that allow you access through the center of the garden.

You can add a waterfall to your formal garden. This is a great way to transform an ordinary looking garden into something brilliant.

Formal gardens are not considered to be a difficult form of garden to create. It is just a matter of what you want, and how you want to achieve your vision.

You can use a lot of different types of flowers in a formal garden.

There is a huge variety of flowers and plants that you can use.

The flowers should be structured, elegant or natural. You can also use butterfly bushes, which are also called Moth orchid’s and ground cover.

There are several types of butterflies and they are quite fun to watch. They have the styles of a leader.  You can also pick flowers that will attract these butterflies to your garden.

Ladybugs, which are also referred to as Ladybird beetles are a great addition to your garden. They feed on aphids and will eat a variety of pests in your garden.

The entire theme of your garden should be consistent. Do not add any unusual plants to your garden. It makes it look random and cluttered.

When you are shopping for flowers, be sure to buy flowers in bulk. A good rule of thumb is to buy 30 seeds of coneflower species and 30 seeds of another one, in case they are compatible. If they are not, you can use the space in your garden for some other flower.

You can also ask your local nursery what they have that grows well in your area.