Lawn Care Tips for Complete Care For Your Lawn

perfect lawn


We all want a beautiful lawn. It looks lovely, it increases the value of our house and it is a pleasure to sit on in our garden. But this is all in your own backyard – not much else. If you live near a park, and have the luxury of enjoying a lawn, you should know that a professional gardener will keep that lawn beautiful through regular services. They can prune hedges, repair fences and gates, excavate … well, I can spoil it all!

We all want a beautiful lawn in our own home, but it is not possible unless you keep it properly maintained. The great things about gardening are that you can choose the method that you want, you can use gardening tips that are available to you and even hire the services of a professional gardener.

Your lawn will look great if you follow the garden tips I am going to share with you here. Just remember that a beautiful lawn doesn’t happen overnight. It takes effort and dedication to keep it that way.

First, you have to understand that maintenance Glass, sand, soil and water are the main ingredients of a good lawn. When you pay close attention to them, you will realize that a beautiful lawn does not need to use expensive materials. Regular grass clippings, leaves and other stuff that your lawn needs to stay beautiful are free.

Second, you have to understand that you will never find a grass that is thick and soft. It will vary from year to year. This grass will get thick and soft during periods of hot temperatures.

Third, you have to understand that this doesn’t mean that you should allow your grass to grow too long. It is important that you keep it trimmed. Long scraggly grass looks very unattractive.

Fourth, you have to understand that during periods of drought your lawn will shrink. It will stop growing altogether and turn brown. It is the lawn equivalent to a sick patient not responding to treatment.

Fifth, you have to understand that the more you water your lawn the more it will be stressed. The more water it receives the more minerals and nutrients it uses and the more stress it takes on the grass. When you stop watering it for a while it will be ripe for the next drought.

This is true for most lawns. But what it means for you is that you have to develop a better understanding of when to water your lawn, how frequently you should water it and for how long. Once you have those understandings, you will rarely have to water your lawn (or any other lawn for that matter) and you will be amazed at just how long your grass will serve you, and even look amazing when you finally install marble flooring tiles throughout the lawn.

This of course presumes that you are following a regular watering schedule and that you are Positioning your lawn right.

Being sure of exactly when you should water your lawn is crucial to your lawn’s health. The first signs of stress on a lawn are evident in the form of drooping and browning of the grass. If you ignore those signs of stress, your lawn will never be strong.

Watering your lawn in the evenings is well-known to be essential in keeping it properly hydrated. It is not unusual to pour an evening hose on your lawn to take care of it when it has been Must-Have-W meals for the entire neighborhood. That kind of wasteful watering is not only wasteful of water, but also unnecessary.

If you water your lawn in the evenings it will help to keep the grass from getting too hot. This will limit the damage that will be caused to the grass by the scorching summer sun. It will create a barrier to protect the grass from the scalding midsummer sun. That’s why it is good to water your lawn in the evenings.

However, if you do not have a standard water shut-off timer, you will have to adjust those times when the lawn is watered. This means that you will have let the water run out of the pipe before the first sprinkler hits the lawn. That will be fine for moderate watering but not sufficient for watering your lawn deeply.