When Would a Texas Farmer Need to Hire a Specialty Welder?

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According to Texas Almanac, agriculture in Texas is associated with a number of upstream and downstream economic activities. Whereas the number of farms in Texas has decreased in recent years, practicing farmers have become more committed and vibrant in farming. Today, there is more record keeping and there is more mechanization, among other major improvements in the American agricultural landscape.

In agriculture, farming, and agri-business, one is going to be in need of welding services. As a matter of fact, farming and welding are known to go hand in hand. An astute farmer notes that welding cannot be divorced from farming. Having stated that, it is better to hire a specialty welder rather than a general welder with a focus on South Texas welder.

This article explores when a farmer need to hire a specialty welder.

When Would a Texas Farmer Need to Hire a Specialty Welder?

The breakdown of framing equipment is one of the most frustrating moments that a farmer can face. This can be worse during the time of planting and at the time of harvesting. A breakdown of equipment during the time of planting translates to delays in the same. During the time of harvesting, a breakdown is going to translate to heavy losses. If the equipment is rented, the breakdown of equipment could lead to conflict with the owner of the equipment.

There are several factors that can lead to breakdown of equipment. To start with, many farmers ignore the manual and operate the equipment on their own. The manual contains critical information on issues such as a maintenance checklist as well as calibration instructions, and therefore, it should never be ignored.

In such a scenario, the South Texas specialty welders come in handy in helping you to go back to work as soon as you can. This ensures that you do not incur heavy losses. It also ensures that you do not inconvenience others.

As a farmer, you ought to go for training on your equipment, and your employees too should take part in this process. In addition to that, the storage of equipment should be done in a safe and right away. For example, such equipment should be protected from rodents. Moreover, when the worn out parts are not replaced, then the equipment could break down.

You can use welding in the farm in order to seek a temporary solution to the problem as you look for a permanent solution. As you can imagine, the cost of hiring new equipment is very high, and the repair costs are not very low either. In addition to that, you may find it difficult to secure a repair appointment right away. In such a case, then, the best thing that you can do is to look for a temporary solution through welding as you evaluate on the best course of action.

Repairing farm equipment could be a matter of emergency. Take for instance a case where a welder is using milking machines, only for such machines to break down. In such a case, the dairy farm equipment must be patched as soon as possible. Failures to do so could translate to health consequences on the cows.

Some areas in Texas are remote and inaccessible. Typically, big chunks of farming land are not found in urban areas, but rather, in remote places. Again, many farmers are known to own big chunks of land which have been passed down the generations. Such farms are located in remote areas. In such a case, when you need a welder, you will find that it is not easy to get one. Therefore, it is advisable that you have a specialty welder near you who is going to assist you in the best way possible.

The farmer may need to dispose old equipment. If the farmer wants to sell the equipment as scrap, then the best thing to do is to consult a welder who can help in dis-jointing of parts. Some experienced welders may know where to sell the scrap at a convenient price. Though scrap metal may not fetch a good price, the money fetched is not as bad.

Farmers do invest in many types of equipment including cultivator, toothed-spade, tractor, cage wheel, cultivator, plough, tillage machine, plough, and harrow. Such equipment, in the process of work, come in direct contact with different types of soil. In such a case, then, they need constant fabrication.

Professional and innovative welding improves the aesthetics of the farm. A well-designed farm makes the family comfortable. Some farmers are tourist attraction sites, and others offer an educational platform for agricultural practice.

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Factors to Consider When Hiring a Specialty Welder

The market is saturated with specialty welders. Choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Therefore, you need to evaluate several factors so that you can make an informed choice. Therefore, you need to be very careful so that you can get value for your money. You also need to make an informed decision in order to get a professional service. You can only get the right specialty welder through careful deliberation of the welding market.

You need to hire a specialty welder who has worked in the farm. Such a welder is going to have the experience to solve complex problems facing the farming industry in the US. In addition to that, such welders play an important role in helping the farmer have a viable and sustainable welding process that is going to stand the test of time. The more experienced one is in welding, the easier it is to work in the farm.

It is very important that you choose a welder who has the right certification. Different states are going to have different parameters for certification. For example, in order for one to be certified as a welder, one starts with a high school education. One then proceeds to take a formal training (either on-the-job or formal theoretical and practical classes). One then applies for certification as a welder. Individual states follow their own certification process, but whatever the route, quality of welding is compulsory and this must be proven.

When you hire a welder, be sure to ask about duty cycle. In welding, the term duty cycle refers to the percentage that a welder can operate without over-heating in every 10 minute cycle. If the duty cycle is 50 %, then the welder can operate for 5 minutes, and then rest for 5 minutes. Such factors determine the cost of the over-all work. If the welding paraphernalia is efficient, then the process will lead to optimal welding outcomes.

The price of the specialty welder does matter a lot. The total expenses of a farmer in a year can be high, and you want to reduce the cost of operations. It is therefore rational that you choose services that you can afford. Therefore, be sure to ask for quotes when you are looking for a specialty welder. However, as you try to go for lower welding prices, do not compromise on quality. If it means that you pay higher for a better quality service, then do so. Paying for a low price but with low quality will be inconsequential to your farm.

It goes without saying that you need a welder who is in close proximity to your farm. In such a case, then, he or she is going to assist you in a convenient way. This could also be a big factor when you are dealing with an emergency welding service.

The modern farmer is more conscious of the environment. He or she wants to utilize green solutions in the process of farming. The farmer is the best placed person in enhancing environmental conversation. In that scenario, then, the farmer should hire a welder who has values that are in tandem with the environmental conversation.

As a matter of fact, the welder should assist the farmer in employing energy-efficient equipment. Now that welders do understand electricity matters, they are best placed to know which equipment works for energy efficiency, and which does not. They can therefore advise you on the best choices in the market.

Your welder should be willing to take refresher courses in the field. The field of welding is dynamic, and technology keeps on changing. Technology in welding becomes better with time and more efficient, and sometimes cheaper. Therefore, the welder should be willing to keep up with the changes and be updated with the latest trends. This will give the farmer a competitive edge in the market. Again, this is going to lead to optimal farming outcomes.

How to do Welding on Farming Equipment

The specialty welder should understand what type of wear that needs attention. The three main types of wear are abrasion, the impact as well as metal-to-metal. In addition to that, the welder should identify the equipment’s working metal. If the welder is not able to know the specific steel that should be used, one should carry pout prescribed tests such as the magnetic test. Such tests will enable the welder to understand how best to do a certain job.

It is the responsibility of both the farmer and the specialty welder to purchase the right safety equipment. Welding can be a risky endeavor more so when it comes to the eyes. Moreover, one should protect himself from gases and fumes. There should be protective clothing on the eyes and the face. In welding, there is a possibility of an electric shock. In a few cases, welding could lead to a fire and an explosion. Therefore, in such a case, the best thing is to think about safety first.

The equipment that aids a specialty welder in their work includes a helmet, jacket, gloves, shielding gas, and electrodes. Equipment for welding can be purchased outright, or rented for a specific period of time. You must have such equipment in your farm, or have access to them. This is going to ensure the safety of the welder and others in the farm.

Most of the farm equipment manufacturers make use of metal inert gas (MIG) in order to carry out the right assembling of equipment, and do it in a professional way. In such a case, then, the MIG welder might be the most preferable choice. However, depending on the welding needs, the A/C or A/C-D/C welder could be a batter choice. This is because such a welding makes use of stick-type electrodes. There are other options too, and they can be utilized for your welding needs.

You need to evaluate if you need to bring the welder to your farm, or you need to take the piece of equipment to be repaired to the welder. Having a welder come to your farm might be more convenient but could be cheaper. Taking the equipment to the welder could me cheaper but cumbersome.

Traditionally, there are very few women in the welding industry in the US. However, as a farmer, you need to be an equal opportunity employer. Do not let your judgment be eroded by factors such as gender and age. Thus, whoever approaches you for welding work; check on factors such as skills, experience, and willingness to adapt to a new and challenging environment. What is important is how to get the right professional for your South Texas specialty welder.

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As a farmer, you need to have long-term and concrete plan on how to manage welding needs in your farm. When you have long-term plans, you are going to realize that such plans are going to be cheaper in the end. In addition to that, preparation will ensure that you are prepared not to interrupt farming duties.

By participating in farming, you are feeding America, you are building America, you are employing citizens and residents of the country, and you are supporting big and small businesses in the agricultural supply chain. Overall, South Texas specialty welders will help you achieve your farming objective.