Why Concrete Shower Panels Should be Used in a Farm or Ranch showers

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Concrete shower paneling has become popular for a number of reasons, many of which are shared with traditional concrete showers. However, concrete shower panels are a definite step up from the traditional concrete walls you find in hospitals and prisons. Let’s learn why concrete shower panels should be used in farm or ranch showers.


Most farms and ranches are cash-poor. This means you can’t afford to waste money on infrastructure if there are cheaper, effective solutions. Don’t rely on unsanitary shower curtains and flimsy plastic partitions. Invest in concrete showers that will handle use and abuse for years. They’re also faster and thus cheaper to install than tile walls. It is the better, overall value.

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Concrete shower panels are popular in public facilities like gym showers and hospitals. They lack the grout grooves and gaps in the floor that allow mold and mildew to grow in residential showers. This makes them much more hygienic, too, since blood and other bodily fluids can’t accumulate. This makes concrete panels the best choice for farm and ranch showers. That’s true whether you’re washing off after walking through a cattle feed lot or rinsing off animals themselves.

A side benefit of concrete shower walls is that they are easy to clean. Just hose off. If necessary, wipe down with cleaning wipes or sponges. You can scrub them down with hard brushes if necessary without damaging them. That’s a point in their favor over glass shower walls or plastic barriers. They’re also impervious to industrial strength cleaning chemicals. If you’re afraid of spreading hoof and mouth disease through contact with infected feces, you’re able to thoroughly sanitize both the stalls where animals get rinsed off and the worker’s showers.

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Affordable Style and Design Options

Many people recommend concrete walls and floors because you can mix in coloring agents to make it look like stone. Or you could use a mix of coloring agents and stencils to make it resemble tile. A different point in favor of concrete panels is that you can build in grooves, small shelves and soap holders. Everything is as durable as the original concrete panel and as easily cleaned. Install steps or seats for a fraction of the cost of building one out of stone, and it is as sanitary as the floors and walls. You can even have it made out of the same color or a different color, such as when you want a sharp color contrast between the concrete shower seat and the floor.

Or have the shower floor match the color of the rest of the floor in your living quarters. For example, you can use concrete panels to install a shower in the corner of a small residential building. You’ll only need to put in moisture resistant drywall, install the necessary plumbing, mount the wall panels, seal the joints and the floor, and you’re good to go. It will be much less conspicuous than adding a traditional shower pan and stall to the corner of a bunk house. It will also take up a lot less space.

A side benefit is the natural fit between concrete shower panels and minimalist glass wall shower stalls, if you want to mix and match. Or install a shower corner with an open floor drain. This can maximize convenience and accessibility while making the entire space feel more open. That is a definite plus when you decide to rent out worker housing as a guest house to earn extra money.