Different Types of Vehicles and Machinery Needed for a Farm


farm equipment


You may be wondering, for whatever reason, what kind of machinery and equipment is needed for a farm. You may be a farmer looking into the latest technology, a non-farmer just curious about what farmers use, or a non-farmer about to actually be a farmer soon. In any case you want to know what kind of machinery and vehicles are needed in this field of work.


Modern day farming has an incredibly amount of equipment options for their day to day lives in farming. Big equipment as giant seeders and collectors, and small equipment like a sprinkler to water their crops, they have a variety and a necessity of different equipment to use. With such a variety available to farmers it’s not difficult to understand that a potential farmer may have some difficulty figuring out what kind of equipment that they need to have or what even some equipment does.


Now, a ton of this equipment is going to seem incredibly confusing, especially if you don’t have a fundamental grasp of all the basic farming equipment used in the more common farm. So, it would be an enormous advantage for you to understand what basic farming equipment is and how it all works.


It is totally okay to be frustrated at having trouble figuring out what kind of machinery that you are gonna need, and it is totally okay to be having a hard time finding the right stuff that you are gonna need. Luckily for you, we have the solution in this deep dive analyze of what every farmer is going to need.


So, whether you’re here as a farmer looking for the newest equipment, a potential farmer trying to find out what your gonna need for the job, or just in general a curious soul, we have here all the answers that you are gonna want for this job. So, for your convenience and pleasure, here is a conveniently compiled list of all the different types of vehicles and machinery needed for a farm.

The Tractor


Now, of course we can’t start this list without first introducing the most common, the most basic, the most famous vehicle and machined used for farming. This incredibly important, maybe the most important machine in the farming industry is used for a multitude of things, hundreds of different uses in the most basic ways. A tractor’s uses are a broad category, which is an incredibly huge understatement, I can’t stress enough that this machine can do pretty much anything that you are gonna need it to do.


There are a variety of tractors, big, small, medium that you can have equipped for your particular uses. You can get one that has different levels of strength and power depending on your budget. You can even pick to buy one from a particularly trusted brand in the farming world.


Moving on to the important part of this section, we are now going to be talking about what a tractor does. The main function and purpose of a tractor is to push and pull farming equipment over your fields in order to do whatever you may need for it. In the modern-day era, you should know that there have been major advancements, and they have made a huge upgrade to the tractor called attachments. When before you could only use tractors to pull along the most basic seeder, we can now add tons of amazing equipment to use for all functions.


Before we get to those amazing attachments though we need to finish up with tractors and all there amazingly special uses in their own special ways. Something that you might not have known is that there are a multitude of tractors, a variety of them that you can use for your daily farming needs to make sure that everything that you need done is ready and good to go.


So, to start off on what type of tractors there are, we can begin with the absolute most basic type, the amazing wheeled tractors. Wheeled tractors are in essence general working tractors, they can really help you bring out the best in your machinery, the absolute best in what you can do for your fields. They can meet most if not all your needs that you are gonna need to get done in your day-to-day life as a farmer or potential farmer.


This is also the type of tractor that has the variety that you can choose from, not to say that you can’t choose a variety from the other tractor types, anyway this one has a ton of different configurations and types that you can buy for the best use for your work. You can purchase one based on the power it holds, its horsepower, how much it can lift, how much it can absolutely pull, drag, and push.


Next up are orchard tractors, this is a tractor that is really just amazing to have on hand and ready to go for when you are ready to start work for the day. Now, as the name implies, this is a tractor that is best used in orchards, there features are adapted to work best in that type of field. It’s a slender tractor that can bob and weave in between the trees that you are going to be moving through, and it will give you the best power available in order to get through it all.


Next is the compact tractors, another amazing vehicle and machine that you would want to have on hand whenever you’re ready to head out in the field and get tons for your absolutely amazing work done. Now, again, as the name implies, like the orchard tractors, this is a tractor of a more compact variety, which is great for tons of farmers out there and hopefully it’s something that can definitely help you out in your farming career. What a compact tractor actually is, is very simple. It’s a very powerful tractor that’s also very powerful, they can help in most functions that you could need to have done in your day-to-day work, but as the name says, they can be used to fit in spaces that the average tractor wouldn’t be able to.


Lastly, we have the track tractors. We saved the simplest for last, these are tractors that instead of having the basic, common tires, these have rubber tracks. This makes it so that your amazing vehicle and machine has a ton more power, traction, and smoothness that you can use in your day-to-day work, in the life and industry of a farmer.  Before you ever consider buying a tractor, always make sure you have a pre purchase inspection done.


Attachments That You Can Put on Your Tractor


Now, all of these attachments that we are going to be talking about all have a ton of varieties in them, just like a basic tractor and all the variety and uses that different ones provide. The attachments that you can attach to the front and back of your tractor can all be different, so for time’s sake we’ll only include the absolute most important types of attachments and the variations that can potentially be used by you now in your farming career or potentially when you start you farming career.


Starting off, let’s talk about seeders for a little bit. Seeders are just amazing; they are used to spread an absolute monster number of seeds throughout your giant field as quickly and as efficiently as possible. There are different sized seeders, big, small, medium, and different farmers use different sized ones every day. Smaller farms will of course usually use smaller seeders, while bigger farms, maybe industry farms, will use much larger seeders in their fields.


There are air seeders, which are incredibly large, intimidating, seeders that are especially effective. They use compressed air to shoot your seeds into the soil, which is absolutely amazing to have on you. Though there is a drawback to this type of seeder, it can only be used for smaller types of seeds, rounder as well, they can only do this because of the way they function.


The next type of seeder is much more basic in its function. The box drill seeder is what’s preferred by the majority of farmers in the industry. They are incredibly easy to use and have a very wide variety of what seeds and fields they can work with. this particular type of seeder drills into the soil and can drop the seeds off in specific intervals.


The next type of attachment that can be added to your tractor is the plow. A plow is incredibly important for you day to day operations. It’s an attachment that is dragged by the tractor from behind, and it uses large blades to cut deep ridges into your soil. This is done in order to loosen up the soil and it can at the same time kill some types of vegetation that you don’t want there, weeds for example. Plowing is also the first thing that you need to do to the soil when you are preparing it.


The next attachment is harrows. Plowing makes sure to prime the soil for optimal readiness, a harrow continues to irritate the soil. This one breaks down giant and small clumps of soil, which of course in general makes it a lot easier for plants to grow on your field. A good thing to not about this attachment is that they can be used to break up clumps of manure and fertilizer after you spread it across the field.


Lastly, we have balers. This is used for mainly straw, hay, corn stalks, all those types of things that you can imagine. This is a collection attachment making it easy for your tractor ready to pick all of them up and deliver them back to your larger collection.



Lastly, we have a spectacular vehicle that can be used for a multitude of things in the industry, just an amazing piece of machinery that has such versatility and use that it’s difficult to see how people have survived without it for the better part of a few thousand years.


An ATV is incredibly useful and fun to have on hand when you are a farmer. ATV stands for all terrain vehicle, a four-wheeler for instance. They are smaller cars that you can use to head out into the fields a lot more effectively than the average car. You can also attach some small attachments to these things if you really need to.


The Conclusion


There have been a ton of machines that we’ve talked about today, all of which are incredibly useful in the day-to-day industry and will hopefully make your life easier. We talked about a variety of machines, some of which is used in the most basic essence in farming but has had some incredibly upgrades in the modern era.


We first talked about tractors, and all the types available for farmers for any variety. Smaller tractors, bigger tractors, more powerful tractors, tractors that are used for specific fields, and so on. All of them are incredibly important and can be used for different kinds of farmers.


We next talked about the attachments that you can put onto a tractor, which is just amazing what with all the ways you can adapt to it and how you can adapt. All of the attachments being used for different purposes and uses so that farmers can use to them to their best ability.


Lastly, we talked about ATV’s, or all terrain vehicles, which can be used for hundreds of different uses, and is extremely helpful to the modern farmer. You can take it out into the fields whenever you need to take something out there, or when you need to supervise without walking for hours at a time.


That was this deep dive analyze in the different types of vehicles and machinery needed for a farm, hopefully it was of some use to you today. Hopefully you learned a great deal about the types of machinery used in modern day farming.

Why Farmers Need Safety Training

farmer safety training



A small portion of the American population is employed in the farming sector, but many deaths arise from the farming activities. A farm is a potentially dangerous workplace. Because the type of work done is physically demanding, it is not uncommon to find injuries in the agricultural workplaces. Whereas some farm accidents are small in nature, some can be complex and are a life-defining moment.

The most effective way of preventing and managing farm accidents is through taking safety training. The following article will guide you on why farmers need safety training:

Causes of Farm Accidents

There are various causes of farm accidents. To start with, farm machinery such as a tractor is not only heavy to operate but also heavy. In such a case, an over-turn is a possibility, and if it happens, then, the life of the farmer, the employees, or anyone nearby could be in danger. The U.S. Department of Labor states that at least 44 % of all farm accidents involve cases of tractor roll-over.

Animal related injuries may not be a very common source of farm accidents, but they are a point of concern all the same. For example, horses may appear calm, but once they go wild, they lead to serious cases of injuries. As a matter of fact, most of such accidents arise from animals which are generally considered as non-fatal.

Falls in the farms is a common occurrence. Farmers have to face the harsh reality of heights and the consequences of the same. It should be noted that the older are more vulnerable to a fall. Similarly, farmers with chronic conditions can fall. In addition to that, when one is taking medication, there is a probability of a farm accident, more so when one operates a machine when taking medication.

The following are the main events of falls in a farm:

-Falling off the ladder when working

-Falling when working with an animal

-Tripping when walking in an uneven surface

Exposure to chemicals remains a major threat to the farmers and employees. The main types of chemical exposure include pesticides and herbicides. Symptoms of exposure to chemicals include burning eyes, watery eyes, coughing, sneezing, nausea, dizziness, sweating, abdominal pain, and fever.

Exposure to chemicals in the farm can lead to poisoning, persistent pneumonia, liver damage, damage of other organs, irritation of the skin, and even death. It should be noted that the impact of chemical poisoning has the highest impact when it is swallowed. When a farmer takes safety training, he or she understands the most appropriate response to a case of chemical exposure.

There have been cases of suffocation in farms. This mostly occurs in cases where there are low levels of oxygen, in silos for instance. Some farms may have places which are enclosed, and such places may have low levels of oxygen. There have been cases of farmers getting suffocated in places that they least expected.

Why Farmers Need Safety Training

Dressing Appropriately

Did you know that dressing appropriately is, as a matter of fact, a safety precaution. Serious injuries have been caused by an untied shoe lace, stray threads, and long hair. Safety training can include what a farmer should wear. Many of the accidents arise from entanglement with a farm machine. One thinks the dressing is a minor thing, but it can lead to very harsh outcomes.

The following safety precautions in dressing can play a critical role in enhancing safety measures:

-Tie your boots all the times, and tie them in a firm way

-Ensures that the shoe soles are slip-resistant

-Shirts should be comfortable and fitting

-If you have long hair, tie it when you are working

-Protective equipment plays a critical role in preventing injuries

-Simply put, some garments are not suitable for the job

Having stated that, it is critical that the farmers dress in the right clothing when they are working in the farm. Similarly, the farmer should ensure that all the employees are given the right equipment. Some activities in the farm will require the right protection gear. For example, spraying the farm requires being careful with protecting yourself as one could be exposed to dangerous sprays.

Handling Children

Children will always be children; they are going to be playful and they are going to be spontaneous. As a responsible farmer, you need to protect your children, your neighbor’s children, and other children in the community. Rather than commanding the children, have a dialogue with the children on simple safety measures.

The following precaution measures can help you protect the children:

-Children should not play anywhere near a farm equipment

-The children should not eat or drink anything in the farm

-The children should report to an adult about any incidence in the farm

-Give the children safety education in a language that they can understand

The Law and Safety Training

In many cases, training in safety could be a matter of law. The National Ag Safety Database and OSHA training gives a number of laws and regulations that govern the safety of agricultural workers, and in deed, many other stakeholders in the agricultural sector. Efforts that help in the improvement of safety are generally categorized as engineering, legislative, and education.

It is an accepted observation that the process of farming can expose someone to harsh climatic conditions, a difficult terrain, and chemicals. It is therefore the responsibility of the farmer to be familiar with the law in order to protect him, the employees, and other third parties. If a farmer follows the right safety measures, he or she is going to save the farm from a lot of troubles.

Now that it may not be easy to understand law, one should think about seeking the opinion of a lawyer. Some lawyers have a niche in their offices which deal with farm safety. Having a reliable lawyer can help a farmer to make informed decisions pertaining health as well as safety management.

You should note that you can be slapped with a lawsuit if authorities find that there are safety measures that you have not followed. Such a lawsuit could be very detrimental to your reputation as well as your finances. It should be noted that some cases drag for long in the courts. The best thing, therefore, is to ensure that there is prevention of such incidences.

Preparing for an Emergency

The right safety training can help you prepare for an emergency. Farmers should make an effort to place first-aid kits around the farm, in areas where an adult can easily assess them. The farmer should ensure that at least one employee is well-trained on handling the first aid and using it in the best way possible. The emergency number should be easily accessible to anyone who might need it. In addition to that, the employees should be aware of how to use first-aid kits in order to attend to emergency cases.

Farmer Field Schools

A number of schools have the advantage of having farms in their schools. However, the risks and threats in running such farms can be high. This is because the main purpose of the farm is to teach young people. Young people can be excited, and may not follow the recommended safety standards. When it comes to the farmers’ field farms, the teachers have a lot of responsibility in protecting the students. Most importantly, the teachers should lead by example in order to help the students follow optimal safety standards and be in a position to mediate when conflict occurs.

Resources for Safety Training in Farming

As a farmer, you need to evaluate the various resources which can be of much help in safety training in the field of farming. There are ample resources for this, and you just need to choose the right one. When you are looking for a training program, be sure to check if the program fits the specific needs of your farm or it is a general safety course. The good thing is that some courses are available online and distance should not be a barrier.

The following are the main resources for safety training in farming:

OSHAcademy Safety Training: Occupational Safety & Health Training is concerned about the various cases of risks in the agricultural sector in the US. OSHA cites the year 2011 as a year of concern because 570 agricultural workers died due to various accidents. The highest cases of deaths were due to a tractor over-turn. OSHAcademy offers a strict but self-paced training. Employees who sign up for this program can either use the website or they can download the pdf. The training is targeted at new employees, safety committee members, trainers, laborers, farmers, and the management.

Saif Oregon: Though this organization is based in Oregon, it offers both the physical classes as well as the online classes. It covers a variety of topics including irrigation safety and farm safety. In addition to that, the organization provides safety training as far as animals are concerned. Short courses provided by the organization are either in English or Spanish.

In Case of an Accident

Even with the best prevention methods, accidents are bound to happen. A farming accident can be a scary experience, and therefore, you should be prepared for any eventuality. Now that many farms are in remote areas, the action to take after an accident is limited. The following steps can help you manage a farm accident:

-It is important that you seek immediate medical attention. In this, time is of essence. Either way, whether it is an emergency or not, it is important that you see a doctor. If you do not see a doctor, and claim insurance later, things could get complicated for you.

-If you are an employee, you need to inform the employer about an accident. This will help in ensuring that appropriate action is taken, for instance, not using a farm machine until it has been repaired.

-As a farmer, preserve the evidence of the accident. In such cases, you are likely to be blamed. But if you preserve evidence, you are going to use the evidence to state that you had laid down the preventive measures only for the accident to occur

-If you are an employee, and you are injured at the farm, you need to liaise with the farmer on the possibility of getting insurance. Many of the farmers are well-prepared for such eventualities and they do ensure that all the employees are covered.

-In the case of an accident, it is important to inform the family. This is because the family can disclose the family history of the patient, and at the same time, disclose other relevant information which may be of much help

Towards the Future

Farming technology is going to improve drastically in the future. However, this does not in any way mean that the accidents are going to reduce. Reduction of farm accidents is going to be the responsibility of the government, the private sector, and the farmers themselves. Taking personal care is a matter of paramount importance. Some types of technology can come with a higher risk. This is more so if the farmer and the employees are not well trained on handling cutting edge technology.

Not every state makes it mandatory to take insurance for the workers. States should insist and make it compulsory to buy worker’s compensation insurance. States such as California are already a step ahead in this type of legislation, and other states should follow suit. What is important is to have a minimum standard of safety and to ensure that farmers have a culture of safety for their own good and the good of others.


If you take one safety training, then it is time that you thought about refresher courses after some time. This is because safety training is dynamic, and new things are going to come up. All the same, as a farmer, continuous safety training plays an important role in protecting all the stakeholders in the farm.

Digital Technology and Farming

farming with digital technology


Farming remains a profitable economic endeavor in the US. To state the obvious, everybody needs food in order to survive. People are now more conscious and more sensitive to health and lifestyle. In connection to this, you will see people looking for food from farms rather than taking processed food or junk. As a farmer, the prospects have never been better for you.

However, it is vulnerable to a number of challenges. These include the high cost of farming expenses, lack of labor, and the need for capital for highly-intensive projects. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult for one to run a successful farming business through over-coming such challenges. The question becomes how one can do farming in a viable and sustainable way.

One of the most viable and sustainable ways on how farmers can remain in business is through employing digital technology tools in their endeavor. This article will guide you on the importance of farming technology and how farmers can use digital technology in order to achieve optimal performance.

Importance of Digital Technology in Farming

There are several ways through which farmers can leverage on the availability of technology in their profession. To start with, farmers can use technology in order to learn about the various professional opportunities available in the US or abroad. When one is seeking a farming opportunity, one must be sure to evaluate if the project is going to bring in returns, and high returns for that matter.

Factors to consider when choosing a farming project include the capital required, the size of the farm required, the availability of labor, and the market. This can be an intensive thing to search about and it may require time. Therefore, instead of doing such a search on your own, consider the use of digital technology or a mobile app. Such an app is going to ensure that there is comprehensive comparison of the farming opportunities. With such farming technology platforms, you are going to make optimal choices through a rational decision making model.

Digital technologies can help the farmers to learn about the market and evaluate how the market is performing. Through this, they are going to understand the market prices, and how the market is performing. Whereas in some areas, the market is not difficult to find, it may be difficult in other areas.

What the use of farming technology does in seeking the market is eliminating the middlemen in the agricultural supply chain. For many years, American farmers have cried foul over the negative impact the middlemen have in theory professional lives. Then, in such a case, the best thing to do is to cut off the middlemen through using digital apps.

Every farmer understands the nightmare that comes with lack of a ready market for farming produce. This is due to the fact that farming produce, in many cases, is a perishable good. Through the use of digital technology, one is going to identify the market opportunities early enough.

Farmers do understand the importance of monitoring the weather when making farm decisions. The most important things to consider about weather include the temperatures and the rains. If the farmer is aware of the weather outside, he or she is not going to send employees to the farm to work in heavy rains.

Long term weather monitoring helps a farmer to know when to plant and when to harvest. For example, when the yields tasks too long in the rains, heavy rains may destroy an entire harvest. Similarly, specialized weather monitoring helps one to know which crops can grow in a certain area. In such cases, it is always advisable to seek the services of a professional.

The day to day expenses in the farm can be very high. The use of farming technology can help you to reduce the farming expenses. For example, instead of manual processes in handling farm records, an automated system is far much better, more accurate, and more efficient. An increasing number of farmers are appreciating the benefit of using technology in data management.

Some farmers, though not many, have decided to take part in research and development that is related to agriculture. The government and some private companies are in need of raw data and new information which they can use in improving farming practices in their jurisdiction. As a farmer, you can make use of digital technology in order to contribute to research and development. Whereas you may not be paid for such actions, you will be contributing to a better America and a better world which uses better farming practices that are more efficient.

Lastly, farming technology ensures that you have more time at your disposal. In addition to that, you are going to enjoy farming because it is not going to be tedious. Through farming technology, you can have fun in farming.

What digital technology can farmers to be more profitable and efficient


Available in English and Greek, Totheshelf links the farmer with the market. It is not restricted to the US, but rather, it offers a platform where global professionals can interact and one can identify a potential market. Through Totheshelf, one is able to make a geo-targeted search within 200 km within where one is located. The following are the main information that is captured through Totheshelf:

-Description of a farming product

-The system used in the production

-Quantity of produce

-The company

-The brand

-Full names of the buyer or seller

-The price


MachineryGuide was discovered in Budapest, Hungary, and it started commanding international attention in 2014. MachineryGuide is a precision agricultural tool. It is commonly used in small as well as medium-sized businesses, and is easy to use. It can be used in the smartphone or tablet as a precision GPS tractor system. It was one of the pioneer guidance software programs.

The features of the MachineryGuide include the following:

-A cloud service which can help in connecting the devices and applications

-BlueTooth which helps in receiving signals

-Visual section control

-It helps in farming tasks such as fertilization, spraying, and manure application

Tractor Zoom

Farmers do understand that buying new equipment can be a very expensive endeavor. Therefore, there is a need to save as much money as possible. Rather than buying of new equipment, farmers can buy old equipment. Unfortunately, the market is awash with sub-standard secondhand good, goods that are not of good quality, but the owners want to dispose them anyway.

In such a case, the best thing is to choose an app which can give you correct information on the availability of second-hand equipment. One of such options is tractor zoom. The following are the main features of tractor zoom:

-You can choose the equipment that you want based on model and function

-You will be able to know when auctioneers are having events and how you can benefit from such events

-You can get alerts on new information that you may be interested

-There is an option for the state (that means you can choose an option near you)

-Its blog will help you learn a lot about equipment and how to use them in an optimal way

-You can interact with others through the platform


Based in South Africa, AgWorld serves the global clientele and is similar to the layout of ISNetworld. It helps the farmers to manage their crops in an effective and professional way. Through AgWorld, you will be able to cover an entire cycle when you are growing your crops. In order to offer an efficient digital platform, AgWorld has partnered with other companies and organization such as Satamap. Its main products are AgWorld basics, planning, scheduling, and precision.

AgWorld can help you in the following ways:

-Planting of crops in selected fields

-Sharing of data with the agricultural experts who in turn offer the necessary intervention

-Creation of work orders who help in the right farming tasks

-Avoid in over-lapping of duties

-Tracking of records such as the spray records

-Helps in keeping and retracting of historical records

-Capturing data and information on important events in your farm

Climate CoLab

Farming activities have a great bearing on climate change. At the same time, when there is climate change, the farmers are one of the most affected groups of people. As a farmer, it is a noble choice and a responsibility to help in the mitigation of climate change.

Climate CoLab helps farmers to work hand in hand with the rest of the world in setting and meeting goals related to the issue of climate change. The mobile app realizes that the society is faced with complex problems which can be very detrimental to the issue of climate change. It is an open problem-solving platform where climate change experts and related professionals can exchange ideas on the best thing to do concerning climate change.

As a farmer, you can use Climate CoLab in order to carry out an action or a project that is going to help in the mitigation of climate change. You can seek to refine your proposal and seek input from fellow members. Through Climate CoLab, you can participate in various contests such as the change maker challenge.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Farming Technology

There are several factors that you should consider when choosing farming technology. To start with, you should ensure that you are going to choose a technology that you can afford. Farming expenses are already high, and you do not want to choose a technology that you cannot afford. Remember, the cost of the technology should include the cost of maintenance and not just the initial technology.

You should choose a technology platform which offers a comprehensive and absolute support. Evaluate if it will take you long to seek IT support services. At the same time, be sure to know if, in the case you need emergency services, if assistance will be provided. IT is advisable that you seek an option which is going to offer reliable support.

When choosing a technology, ensure that you choose a flexible platform. This is a platform which can be customized by the users. Each farm is going to have its unique needs, and therefore, you should choose a technology which can be adopted to your needs.

Lastly, do not choose a technology which you think might become obsolete fast. This is going to be expensive in the long-run. Instead, choose a technology which might be used for a number of years in the future.

Towards the Future

Demand of agricultural products and services is going to grow in the near future. This is due to the growth in the population of the US (through birth and immigration), and the fact that many people shy away from farming. Therefore, if you have not been using digital technology for your future, then this is the time to do so. You need to prepare yourself for the future by employing the right digital tools.

The trend in technology is that it tends to be cheaper as new technology enters the market. In almost all the cases in farming, using farming technology is going to be cheaper than the use of manual systems of agriculture. Therefore, you do not have any reason not to use farming technology.

Farming is one of the few professionals which cannot be declared redundant. Some professions in the world are facing very stiff competition, and some are going to be rendered redundant. In such a case, then, it is prudent that you invest in a profession that is going to stand the test of time.


As you can see from the discussion above, the importance of digital technology in farming cannot be under-estimated. By choosing to use technology, you will attain a competitive edge and you are going to stand out among your peers. Most importantly, you will do farming in a professional and efficient way. Therefore, you need to renew your commitment in the use of farming technology.

When Would a Texas Farmer Need to Hire a Specialty Welder?

Specialty Welding


According to Texas Almanac, agriculture in Texas is associated with a number of upstream and downstream economic activities. Whereas the number of farms in Texas has decreased in recent years, practicing farmers have become more committed and vibrant in farming. Today, there is more record keeping and there is more mechanization, among other major improvements in the American agricultural landscape.

In agriculture, farming, and agri-business, one is going to be in need of welding services. As a matter of fact, farming and welding are known to go hand in hand. An astute farmer notes that welding cannot be divorced from farming. Having stated that, it is better to hire a specialty welder rather than a general welder with a focus on South Texas welder.

This article explores when a farmer need to hire a specialty welder.

When Would a Texas Farmer Need to Hire a Specialty Welder?

The breakdown of framing equipment is one of the most frustrating moments that a farmer can face. This can be worse during the time of planting and at the time of harvesting. A breakdown of equipment during the time of planting translates to delays in the same. During the time of harvesting, a breakdown is going to translate to heavy losses. If the equipment is rented, the breakdown of equipment could lead to conflict with the owner of the equipment.

There are several factors that can lead to breakdown of equipment. To start with, many farmers ignore the manual and operate the equipment on their own. The manual contains critical information on issues such as a maintenance checklist as well as calibration instructions, and therefore, it should never be ignored.

In such a scenario, the South Texas specialty welders come in handy in helping you to go back to work as soon as you can. This ensures that you do not incur heavy losses. It also ensures that you do not inconvenience others.

As a farmer, you ought to go for training on your equipment, and your employees too should take part in this process. In addition to that, the storage of equipment should be done in a safe and right away. For example, such equipment should be protected from rodents. Moreover, when the worn out parts are not replaced, then the equipment could break down.

You can use welding in the farm in order to seek a temporary solution to the problem as you look for a permanent solution. As you can imagine, the cost of hiring new equipment is very high, and the repair costs are not very low either. In addition to that, you may find it difficult to secure a repair appointment right away. In such a case, then, the best thing that you can do is to look for a temporary solution through welding as you evaluate on the best course of action.

Repairing farm equipment could be a matter of emergency. Take for instance a case where a welder is using milking machines, only for such machines to break down. In such a case, the dairy farm equipment must be patched as soon as possible. Failures to do so could translate to health consequences on the cows.

Some areas in Texas are remote and inaccessible. Typically, big chunks of farming land are not found in urban areas, but rather, in remote places. Again, many farmers are known to own big chunks of land which have been passed down the generations. Such farms are located in remote areas. In such a case, when you need a welder, you will find that it is not easy to get one. Therefore, it is advisable that you have a specialty welder near you who is going to assist you in the best way possible.

The farmer may need to dispose old equipment. If the farmer wants to sell the equipment as scrap, then the best thing to do is to consult a welder who can help in dis-jointing of parts. Some experienced welders may know where to sell the scrap at a convenient price. Though scrap metal may not fetch a good price, the money fetched is not as bad.

Farmers do invest in many types of equipment including cultivator, toothed-spade, tractor, cage wheel, cultivator, plough, tillage machine, plough, and harrow. Such equipment, in the process of work, come in direct contact with different types of soil. In such a case, then, they need constant fabrication.

Professional and innovative welding improves the aesthetics of the farm. A well-designed farm makes the family comfortable. Some farmers are tourist attraction sites, and others offer an educational platform for agricultural practice.

texas specialty welding

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Specialty Welder

The market is saturated with specialty welders. Choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Therefore, you need to evaluate several factors so that you can make an informed choice. Therefore, you need to be very careful so that you can get value for your money. You also need to make an informed decision in order to get a professional service. You can only get the right specialty welder through careful deliberation of the welding market.

You need to hire a specialty welder who has worked in the farm. Such a welder is going to have the experience to solve complex problems facing the farming industry in the US. In addition to that, such welders play an important role in helping the farmer have a viable and sustainable welding process that is going to stand the test of time. The more experienced one is in welding, the easier it is to work in the farm.

It is very important that you choose a welder who has the right certification. Different states are going to have different parameters for certification. For example, in order for one to be certified as a welder, one starts with a high school education. One then proceeds to take a formal training (either on-the-job or formal theoretical and practical classes). One then applies for certification as a welder. Individual states follow their own certification process, but whatever the route, quality of welding is compulsory and this must be proven.

When you hire a welder, be sure to ask about duty cycle. In welding, the term duty cycle refers to the percentage that a welder can operate without over-heating in every 10 minute cycle. If the duty cycle is 50 %, then the welder can operate for 5 minutes, and then rest for 5 minutes. Such factors determine the cost of the over-all work. If the welding paraphernalia is efficient, then the process will lead to optimal welding outcomes.

The price of the specialty welder does matter a lot. The total expenses of a farmer in a year can be high, and you want to reduce the cost of operations. It is therefore rational that you choose services that you can afford. Therefore, be sure to ask for quotes when you are looking for a specialty welder. However, as you try to go for lower welding prices, do not compromise on quality. If it means that you pay higher for a better quality service, then do so. Paying for a low price but with low quality will be inconsequential to your farm.

It goes without saying that you need a welder who is in close proximity to your farm. In such a case, then, he or she is going to assist you in a convenient way. This could also be a big factor when you are dealing with an emergency welding service.

The modern farmer is more conscious of the environment. He or she wants to utilize green solutions in the process of farming. The farmer is the best placed person in enhancing environmental conversation. In that scenario, then, the farmer should hire a welder who has values that are in tandem with the environmental conversation.

As a matter of fact, the welder should assist the farmer in employing energy-efficient equipment. Now that welders do understand electricity matters, they are best placed to know which equipment works for energy efficiency, and which does not. They can therefore advise you on the best choices in the market.

Your welder should be willing to take refresher courses in the field. The field of welding is dynamic, and technology keeps on changing. Technology in welding becomes better with time and more efficient, and sometimes cheaper. Therefore, the welder should be willing to keep up with the changes and be updated with the latest trends. This will give the farmer a competitive edge in the market. Again, this is going to lead to optimal farming outcomes.

How to do Welding on Farming Equipment

The specialty welder should understand what type of wear that needs attention. The three main types of wear are abrasion, the impact as well as metal-to-metal. In addition to that, the welder should identify the equipment’s working metal. If the welder is not able to know the specific steel that should be used, one should carry pout prescribed tests such as the magnetic test. Such tests will enable the welder to understand how best to do a certain job.

It is the responsibility of both the farmer and the specialty welder to purchase the right safety equipment. Welding can be a risky endeavor more so when it comes to the eyes. Moreover, one should protect himself from gases and fumes. There should be protective clothing on the eyes and the face. In welding, there is a possibility of an electric shock. In a few cases, welding could lead to a fire and an explosion. Therefore, in such a case, the best thing is to think about safety first.

The equipment that aids a specialty welder in their work includes a helmet, jacket, gloves, shielding gas, and electrodes. Equipment for welding can be purchased outright, or rented for a specific period of time. You must have such equipment in your farm, or have access to them. This is going to ensure the safety of the welder and others in the farm.

Most of the farm equipment manufacturers make use of metal inert gas (MIG) in order to carry out the right assembling of equipment, and do it in a professional way. In such a case, then, the MIG welder might be the most preferable choice. However, depending on the welding needs, the A/C or A/C-D/C welder could be a batter choice. This is because such a welding makes use of stick-type electrodes. There are other options too, and they can be utilized for your welding needs.

You need to evaluate if you need to bring the welder to your farm, or you need to take the piece of equipment to be repaired to the welder. Having a welder come to your farm might be more convenient but could be cheaper. Taking the equipment to the welder could me cheaper but cumbersome.

Traditionally, there are very few women in the welding industry in the US. However, as a farmer, you need to be an equal opportunity employer. Do not let your judgment be eroded by factors such as gender and age. Thus, whoever approaches you for welding work; check on factors such as skills, experience, and willingness to adapt to a new and challenging environment. What is important is how to get the right professional for your South Texas specialty welder.

texas specialty welding


As a farmer, you need to have long-term and concrete plan on how to manage welding needs in your farm. When you have long-term plans, you are going to realize that such plans are going to be cheaper in the end. In addition to that, preparation will ensure that you are prepared not to interrupt farming duties.

By participating in farming, you are feeding America, you are building America, you are employing citizens and residents of the country, and you are supporting big and small businesses in the agricultural supply chain. Overall, South Texas specialty welders will help you achieve your farming objective.

Best Type of Truck for a Farm

farm truck


A versatile truck is an indispensable tool that makes the jobs on the farm easier. But with so many brands to choose from, it can be overwhelming to select a farm truck that applies to your needs. Also, there are so many considerations when it comes to finding a reliable truck. Let’s look at the options so that you can be informed of your next purchase.

2020 Ford F150

Ford F-150

This is a top truck for all American farmers. It’s powerful, dependable, and reliable. But what makes it the best-selling pickup truck is that it offers a towing of 3200 lbs. and a payload of 3720 lbs., so you won’t have a problem towing heavy loads. Unlike other comparable models, this farm truck can handle anything that you throw on its way.

On the other hand, this model comes with an 8” screen to increase productivity. You can get useful information like towing data, fuel economy, etc. Even better, you can customize the menu so that you can make decisions that matter most to you.

When it comes to power, this truck will meet and exceed your needs. It’s powered by a 5.0-liter, V8 engine that generates 395 HP. Of course, the new military aluminum alloy frame increases its strength and helps to cut the weight of the vehicle.

2020 Ford F250

Ford F-250

The Ford F-250 is another most sought farm truck loaded with high-tech features. It comes with the best-in-class payload of 7630 lbs. and a towing capability of 21,000 lbs. You also get an optional gooseneck. So you can tow 34,000 lbs. If you’re a farmer who wants to tow heavy loads, then this truck is for you. Besides that, you get technologies like:

  • Trailer reverse guide
  • Side view mirrors

2020 gmc sierra 1500 denali

GMC Sierra 1500 Denali

Sierra 1500 Denali is a cool pickup truck with features that you can’t find in comparable models. It’s the best farm truck for a modern farmer. If you’re trailering on steep ground, this machine will automatically engine the brakes. Besides that, it offers the best-in-class towing capability of 9200 lbs. Furthermore, it comes with a customizable driver display, so you have everything you need at your fingertips. Some of the key features of this model are:

  • All-weather floor mats
  • Heated leather seating and steering wheel
  • Power adjustable pedals
  • Adaptive ride control

The 6.2-liter V8 engine offers 420 HP and 650 ft. lb., enough to tackle all farm applications.

2021 Chevy Colorado

Chevy Colorado

Chevy Colorado is a farm truck that competes well with other models and brings a lot to the table. Despite its smaller stature, this machine doesn’t compromise on performance. It’s equipped with a V6 engine that generates 305 HP and a towing capability of 7000 lbs. You expect quicker takeoffs, acceleration, and great fuel economy. Also, it can maneuver in tight spaces with ease.

But what makes Chevy the best truck is the sturdy construction. The chassis is made of high-tensile steel so the truck can maneuver obstacles with ease.

Billed as a `high-performance vehicle’, this machine has what it takes to do any farm task. It also features improved fuel economy, thus a great farm truck for eco-conscious operators. This means that you’ll spend more time working and less time filling at the pump. Other features include:

  • Different bed options
  • 7-inch touch screen display
  • Rearview camera
  • Four-way driver power seat

Ram trucks

It’s estimated that 20% of farmers in the US own a RAM truck. RAM has a department that caters to the needs of farmers and has partnered with a variety of organizations to ensure farmers get the best. The top truck in this category is the RAM 1500.

2020 Dodge Ram 1500

RAM 1500

This model is built for ruggedness rather than refinement. The first thing you’ll notice with this farm truck is the variety of engine options. You can choose either a 3.6-L diesel engine that generates 305 HP or a 3.0L EcoDiesel engine that produces 240HP. This means that farmers can choose an engine option that suits them best.

The RAM 1500 farm truck has a unique torque system that gives better engine-start smoothness and improves fuel economy. What’s more, all RAM trucks are equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission system. Still, you can choose a 4-wheel drive or a rear-wheel drive. In terms of towing capability, this machine is a real workhorse and has no flaws.

RAM 1500 comes with a nice interior with soft-materials. It also has easy-to-use infotainment systems in the market.

This farm truck also comes with a crew-cab or quad-cab configuration. For both configurations, you get more foot and headroom. With the crew cab, you can choose a long or short cab (5, 7-feet) while the quad cab comes with 6 feet, 4 feet bed. Other features include:

  • Reclining rear seats
  • Hill descent control
  • Forward collision mitigation
  • Power-deployable running boards
  • Electronic locking differential

2020 Toyota Tundra

Toyota Tundra

Toyota Tundra is a powerful machine that can meet the needs of a modern farmer. With the ranging engine options, you can choose a 4.6-L engine that generates 310 HP or a 5.7L engine that produces 381 HP. Since the engine has changeable valve rates, you get a low-end torsion, so the engine gets a broader band on the peak torque. You also get a towing capacity of 9000 lbs. so you can transport heavy equipment on the farm.

Another feature that makes Toyota Tundra a great farm truck is the anti-lock brake. Also, the brake assist comes in handy during emergency events. Sometimes, it can be challenging to administer adequate force to the pedal to halt the truck. Thankfully, the brake aid indicators employ extra power to aid in halting the track.

What else does the truck offer to a farmer? This model is equipped with a traction management feature that helps to preserve grip on slippery roads. And because the system uses brakes separately, the driver can manage the truck with ease.

Looking at the bed, the farm truck is spacious enough for all your farm needs. You can choose either a 5.5-feet or 6.5-feet bed. However, if you choose the double cab, you get a limited bed.

Still, the interior is packed with comfort features that are helpful when working for long hours. You also get a bunch of safety upgrades like:

  • Lane departure warning
  • Automated emergency braking
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Forward-collision warning
  • Antilock braking

Without a doubt, this is an excellent farm truck in every way.

2020 Nissan Titan XD

Nissan Titan XD

Nissan Titan comes with the largest engine in its class and offers unmatched truck capabilities. It has a towing capacity of 11,950 pounds and a payload capacity of 2,990 lbs. With this in mind, the XD is suited to pull lots of trailers in the landscape market. There’s also a gooseneck provision for hauling excavating and agricultural applications. Unlike the traditional heavy-duty pickup trucks, the XD offers better performance and fuel-efficiency.

The XD has a lineup that includes a single cab, crew cab, and single cab body styles. But what makes the XD the best truck is its capabilities. It comes with a 5.8-L engine that generates 317 HP and 385 feet of torque. And just like other standard models, you get a 4-wheel drive system suitable for tackling tough agricultural terrains.

Apart from that, farmers can enjoy a hands-free calling and can stay connected at all times. They also stay connected at all times thanks to the rear camera and in-dash camera.

Perhaps, the most unique feature about this farm truck is the strong and durable chassis. The unique design is reinforced extensively and comes with added features like lateral & vertical bending and torsion rigidity.

This farm truck boasts of a reinforced front suspension system that is tuned for hard use. It also has a rigid rear axle suspension system that utilizes leaf bushings, twin-tube shock absorbers, and leaf springs. You also get increased ground clearance and a suspension lift of about 3 inches.

For enhanced towing capabilities, this track is fitted with an integrated trailer brake controller. There’s also a trailer light check system that allows for a one-person hook operation – you can check the brake lights, turn signals, and clearance lights while in the cab.

Other features that come with the farm truck are:

  • Side cameras to you maneuver in tight spaces
  • Intelligence around view monitor
  • Moving object detection

2020 Chevy Silverado

Chevy Silverado

If you’re a farmer who needs a tough machine, then Chevy Silverado can be a sure bet. This is a top-performing farm truck that acts as a mobile office. It uses state-of-the-art technology to allow farmers to communicate in their networks.

Chevy Silverado is equipped with a powerful engine that generates 420 HP and offers a maximum payload of 2,200 lbs. This is enough power to pull big bales of hay and market-ready steers. You can also add cargo-hauling capabilities and switch the tires for a freshly-tilled field.

As you work on your farm, you’ll enjoy the luxury of space. Even tall folks will have plenty of head and legroom. On top of the expansive cabin, you get cup holders and bins. There are also lots of storage compartments that cater to the needs of families. Due to the changing interests of farmers, farmers can get more flexibility than before.

2020 Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma

This is a farm truck suited for day-to-day operations. It comes with sophisticated dynamic control technology and offers two drive terrains (2-wheel and 4-wheel drive).

On top of the lineup, you’ll get the unique X-runner that blends design and performance. You also get different configurations – regular, access, and four-door double cab. The cab also features a 73.5-inch bed, while the double cab has a 73.5-inch bed.

In terms of power, the Toyota Tacoma farm truck offers two engine options. You can either get a 4-liter V6 engine that generates 266 HP or a 2.7-L Four-cylinder engine that produces 159HP. Still, you can choose either a five-speed or 6-speed transmission system.

This truck also incorporates shorter springs, firmer bushings, and a rear stabilizer. To ensure your safety and comfort while in the fields, this model comes with:

  • Electronic brake force distribution
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Brake assist
  • Vehicle stability control

Cab styles for pickup trucks


Farm Truck Body Styles

A farm truck is designed to carry goods is designed to carry your farm produce with ease. You can also use attachments to carry out specific tasks on your farm. The easiest way to understand the layouts and what the manufacturers offer. Here are the various body styles you can choose from:

Crew cab

A crew cab truck has the driver or passenger layout lengthened to allow for rear seating. It also comes with a second layer of hinged doors, and the cargo carrying area is part of the chassis. Because crew cabs have four doors, you get less hauling cargo capability.

Extended cab

In the intended cab, the passenger layout is extended to include an area behind the front seats. The cargo-carrying area is part of the chassis, but there are no rear doors. However, some come with rear doors that are reversely hinged.

Regular cabs

As the name suggests, a regular cab is a standard pickup truck. You get one row of seating and one pair of doors. You get plenty of cargo space behind the seats, and you can stick a few valuables inside the cabin.

Modified parts of farm trucks

A truck can be modified to perform better. However, that all truck inspections are completed when a truck is modified.  Some of the parts that can be modified to give a better experience include:

Tonneau covers

Tonneau covers

This is an important accessory for any farmer. Besides protecting the truck bed itself, the cover also protects the farm produce. You can also choose the cover you want to improve the aesthetic appeal of the truck.

Truck bed liners

A bed liner protects your truck bed, especially when the rainy season strikes. Of course, without a good liner, you will damage every equipment you haul.

Truck bed organizers

You can modify your farm truck by installing truck bed organizers. If you want something unique, there are several options to choose from. Generally, the organizers help to maximize the truck bed, so you get plenty of space for large equipment. Since the trays mount on the truck bed, loading and unloading become easy.

Step bars

Step bars make it easy to move and out of the truck with ease. They can be helpful if you have a full-size pickup, and you’re finding it difficult to make a huge step into the cab.

Final thoughts

A modern farmer needs a versatile truck that gives unmatched performance. If you’re looking for a new truck, the above models won’t let you down. They are powerful, versatile, and can help to transport various equipment into the field.




Why Concrete Shower Panels Should be Used in a Farm or Ranch showers

concrete shower


Concrete shower paneling has become popular for a number of reasons, many of which are shared with traditional concrete showers. However, concrete shower panels are a definite step up from the traditional concrete walls you find in hospitals and prisons. Let’s learn why concrete shower panels should be used in farm or ranch showers.


Most farms and ranches are cash-poor. This means you can’t afford to waste money on infrastructure if there are cheaper, effective solutions. Don’t rely on unsanitary shower curtains and flimsy plastic partitions. Invest in concrete showers that will handle use and abuse for years. They’re also faster and thus cheaper to install than tile walls. It is the better, overall value.

concrete shower panels


Concrete shower panels are popular in public facilities like gym showers and hospitals. They lack the grout grooves and gaps in the floor that allow mold and mildew to grow in residential showers. This makes them much more hygienic, too, since blood and other bodily fluids can’t accumulate. This makes concrete panels the best choice for farm and ranch showers. That’s true whether you’re washing off after walking through a cattle feed lot or rinsing off animals themselves.

A side benefit of concrete shower walls is that they are easy to clean. Just hose off. If necessary, wipe down with cleaning wipes or sponges. You can scrub them down with hard brushes if necessary without damaging them. That’s a point in their favor over glass shower walls or plastic barriers. They’re also impervious to industrial strength cleaning chemicals. If you’re afraid of spreading hoof and mouth disease through contact with infected feces, you’re able to thoroughly sanitize both the stalls where animals get rinsed off and the worker’s showers.

concrete shower walls

Affordable Style and Design Options

Many people recommend concrete walls and floors because you can mix in coloring agents to make it look like stone. Or you could use a mix of coloring agents and stencils to make it resemble tile. A different point in favor of concrete panels is that you can build in grooves, small shelves and soap holders. Everything is as durable as the original concrete panel and as easily cleaned. Install steps or seats for a fraction of the cost of building one out of stone, and it is as sanitary as the floors and walls. You can even have it made out of the same color or a different color, such as when you want a sharp color contrast between the concrete shower seat and the floor.

Or have the shower floor match the color of the rest of the floor in your living quarters. For example, you can use concrete panels to install a shower in the corner of a small residential building. You’ll only need to put in moisture resistant drywall, install the necessary plumbing, mount the wall panels, seal the joints and the floor, and you’re good to go. It will be much less conspicuous than adding a traditional shower pan and stall to the corner of a bunk house. It will also take up a lot less space.

A side benefit is the natural fit between concrete shower panels and minimalist glass wall shower stalls, if you want to mix and match. Or install a shower corner with an open floor drain. This can maximize convenience and accessibility while making the entire space feel more open. That is a definite plus when you decide to rent out worker housing as a guest house to earn extra money.