The Animals at the Iron Horse Farm

*** PLEASE NOTE: Due to unforeseen circumstances we regretfully inform you that we can no longer allow visiting the animals at will. People may only visit the farm animals by scheduled appointment or during our annual Farm Day. Thank you for your consideration.

Here at the Iron Horse Farm we have quite the menagerie of animals! A walk around the Iron Horse Farm will lead you to discover llamas, several breeds of sheep, goats, English angora rabbits, chickens and of course several cats and dogs.

Our animals are always teaching us something. They are our companions and mental health therapists. On a stress filled day, there is nothing like going to do evening chores, watching our sheep grazing with their wonderful palate of colored fleeces looking like a banquet of living "earth tones". Watching the llamas, with those beautiful banana ears and long elegant necks, pronk through the pasture always brings a smile. Hugging a new little lamb or a cria is bound to bring a contented sigh! The stress of the day evaporates and we become lost in those moments of serene peace.

People that we continue to meet through our animals have been invaluable in their friendship and support. We are constantly amazed at the different "walks of life" these people come from. Yet we all come together due to the love and joy of our animals.

We love to hear from people so drop us an email and let us know you have visited our site. We'll be happy to share more information about our animals with you.

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